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Manager/Coach:  Mike Brown

Asst. Coach: Tyler Saltsman

Asst. Coach: Mikee Moore

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Zach Bailey Until R/R 5'10" 165 JR Martin Methodist College
Keaton Baker RHP R/R 6'2" 210 JR Middle TN State University
Jake Bauer P R/R 6'2" 170 SO St. Joseph's College
Riley Benner 3B R/R 5'11" 195 FR St. Joseph's College
Clay Chandler P R/R 6'3" 170 FR Wabash Valley College
Greg Fettes C R/R 6'2" 225 SO University of Kentucky
Daniel Goff P/INF R/R 6'2" 195 SOS Jones County Junior College
Fernando Gonzalez P R/R 6'1" 180 JR West Alabama University
Tyler Hardin SS/2B R/R 5'11" 180 FR Murray State University
Will Hazen P L/L 6'4" 215 FR Jones County Junior College
Trevor Hicks* 1B/3B R/R 640" 240 JR Mid Continent University
Conner Hill INF R/R 6'0" 185 SO Wabash Valley College
Reed Johnson INF L/R 5'9" 185 FR Tacoma Community College
CJ Lee P/INF R/R 5'11" 160 FR Webster University
Cory Main P R/R 6'3" 180 FR Tacoma Community College
Tyler Marshall IF L/R 6'1" 185 FR University of Kentucky 
Tyler Nichols P R/L 6'4" 200 SO Tiffin University
Dylan Rajkovich OF R/R 6'0" 195 SO St. Joseph's College
Dayton Rausch Util R/R 5'8" 170 SO Indiana Univ. Southeast
Cole Schaenzer P R/R 6'3" 201 SO Macomb Community College
Dylan Smith P R/R 6'1" 185 JR Webster University
Jeremiah Spring OF L/L 6'0" 170 FR Tacoma Community College
Troy Squires Util L/R 5'11" 180 FR University of Kentucky
Justin Vernia P R/R 6'2" 193 FR Tacoma Community College
Andrew Young C R/R 6'1" 200 SO Lake Michigan College


     * 2013 Railroader veteran

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